Born and raised in Reno, Matt Bushman’s musical journey began with a trip to a Jackson Browne concert at age three and guitar lessons at age seven. Thanks to his parents, Matt was hooked on music early, and he soon found himself spending time at Neil Young’s Bridge School Benefit concerts, U2 tours, and other shows that would admit an under-age music addict.

Matt continued playing guitar through his formative years and was actively involved in his school choirs—not surprising considering that his mother performed in the show choir that inspired the hit TV show Glee. But performing wasn’t enough for Bushman—he wanted to write his own songs and hone his guitar chops.

Although Matt continued his guitar playing while dabbling in songwriting during his time at Westminster College, after graduation things took a more serious musical turn as he began intensive guitar lessons with Eric Strangeland and composition lessons with Nevada songwriting  Jonathan Rolling. As his guitar skills grew so did Matt’s songwriting abilities, and he soon transitioned from playing mostly covers to a greater focus on original music. And with that transition came a burning desire to perform his own music in public.

Without a regular band to rely on, Matt honed his looping skills to give himself a fuller live sound. Soon he found himself performing at over 100 open mics and eventually in notable venues like Slims in San Francisco, Dozen Street in Austin, and Sweetwater Music Hall in Mill Valley while sharing the stage with artists like Dagmar, Tyler Stafford, and Bill DiLuigi.

With solid compositional skills and performing experience under his belt, it was soon time for Matt Bushman to take his songs into the recording studio. In May of 2017 he released his first EP Acoustic Interests, followed by a full album in 2018 called Past Ten. With his debut album, Matt received accolades from the Reno Gazette Journal, which included the track “Playing With Fire” in their 2019 list of Top 15 Local Songs. The recognition was well-deserved for Bushman, whose songs often turn love on its end with driving, rhythmic tones that deliver the hard truths of adulthood smoothed over by a voice that can comfort like a warm blanket.

2019 continued to be productive for Matt, who released the song “Massachusetts” and more recently penned the beautiful and poignant song “Luminescent.” Look for a new full album from Matt Bushman sometime in 2020.